William James Archibald

William James Archibald, Flight Sergeant
#603 City of Edinburgh Squadron
Royal Canadian Air Force

Introduction: It was 1938 and William James Archibald had just finished his high school education, and graduated from Oakville High School. Soon after graduating he found himself on his way to fight for his country.

Enlistment/Attestation: My name is William James Archibald. I was born January 28, 1920, in the town of Dunneville, Ontario. I stand at 5’ 11.5”, and have brown hair and brown eyes. I have lived my whole life at 61 Reynolds Street, Oakville, Ontario. My family consists of three people, my mom, my dad, and me. I never had any brothers or sisters; I was an only child. My father’s name is Robert Harvey Archibald, and my mother’s name is Susan Archibald. My father’s occupation was being the principal at Oakville High School. My mother on the other hand stayed at home and took care of the