World War I

Book of Remembrance
On the wall in Oakville Trafalgar High School is a plaque. Many of the students who attend the school may not even know of its existence. There is name after name engraved on a fading brass plaque, forgotten under a heavy layer of dust and tarnish. 

These stories are what we remember of those brave and courageous soldiers who fought for us in World War I. Some of these men lost their lives, some touched other’s lives and for all those men who returned home, nothing was ever the same. 

Many of their stories were forgotten over time, and even more stories never got a chance to be told.  Each student in the Grade 10 History class was given one soldier’s name on the dusty plaque and was told to research them, to compile a biography of their years in the First World War and their life. 

These are the stories that they wrote about the men who returned, the men who died and the men who were never found again.