OTHS Students in WWII

How it all began…

When we first entered our Grade 10 Canadian History class, it never crossed any of our minds that we would be involved in a unique research experience. Since the beginning of the semester, we were actively involved in researching, assembling, and telling all of the stories of our Oakville Trafalgar High School World War II cenotaph soldiers. We knew very little about them. Our discoveries started on the day we met the “Ancestors in the Attic” camera crew. 

WW II Veterans who attended OTHS

They were going to record our class cenotaph research project for an episode on “History Television”. At this point, we had no connection to our Oakville Trafalgar World War II soldiers. The only information we knew about these 35 men was that they attended our school and died during World War II. However, once we began our research with “Ancestors in the Attic” genealogist, Paul McGrath, we began to see real life stories appear. Many excelled in athletics, such as rowing, basketball, and of course, rugby. Others excelled in academics. Many held down steady jobs before going off to war. Some were older, but many were so very young.

All of the Oakville Trafalgar World War II soldiers are honoured in this “Book of Remembrance”. Each student in our class has written a report on their own soldier. Their stories have never been told before. Each soldier’s research report has a record of personal information, as well as details on where they served, the unit they served in, what they did during the war and how they valiantly died. The hard work and dedication by Mrs. Calvert and our class over the past semester have helped to make this memorable project possible so our school and community can learn more about these remarkable men.

All of the men from Oakville Trafalgar High School had an impact on Canada’s efforts during World War II. This project has taught us to appreciate those who sacrificed their lives for the rights and freedoms we take for granted today. At first they were names on a cenotaph, then just pictures, but now they are stories of war and courage. These soldier’s stories have long deserved to be heard, and today we are ready to share them. Today we honour their bravery, loyalty and above all selfless, noble sacrifices. Let their stories be told...

Period 2 Canadian History 
Semester 2 2007-2008
Editors Sierra Pearson and Scott Falls

We Remember…

Nathaniel Buchanan
Roland Montgomery Bull
Arthur Herbert Butler
Jackson Chartis Cooke
Richard Boyd Dowding
Charles Laurie Dynes
Harry Prior Farr
Ralph Emerson Featherstone
John Bruce Fox
Charles Duncan Bremner Green
Charles Earl Hersom
Charles Edward Hillmer
William Edmund Keller
John Beverley Kemp
Kenneth Donovan Kemp
John Nelson Secord King
William Joseph Lawrence
Douglas Granville Morris
Robert Nelson Perdue
Wallace Cameron Pickering
George Balfour Nicol Ramsay
Charles Percy Rivaz
Robert Gordon Slater
Maurice Edgar Webb
John Wallace Wilson
William Marshall Wilson
John Maitland Young

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