Friday April 5, 2019

posted Apr 5, 2019, 6:49 AM by Yvonne Holbrook ‎[Staff]‎

·         If you have signed up for co-op next year and are interested in applying to a hospital for your placement, including Sick Kids, St Mike’s, Mount Sinai or Oakville Memorial there will be a mandatory meeting at the start of 3rd and 4th in room 136 today.  Program details, requirements, application packages and deadlines will be discussed.  If you have an interest in a hospital co-op make sure you attend for all the information.


·         Tennis season has arrived.  There will be a brief but important meeting about Junior and Senior tennis immediately after school today in room 232.


·         The last two days our Junior boys hockey team travelled to Burlington to participate in the Burlington Cup.  The team opened up the tournament strong winning their first three games, 5-2 over Milton District, 3-2 over Holy Trinity and 8-2 over Iroquois Ridge.  This put the Devils in first place in their pool and a quarter final game against Christ the King.  Despite playing from behind most of the game the boys worked hard and late in the third period were tied 3-3 and playing well.  Unfortunately a goal at the buzzer cost the team the victory and were eliminated from the tournament.  The coaches thank the team for a fantastic tournament season.