Friday January 17, 2020

posted Jan 17, 2020, 6:55 AM by Yvonne Holbrook ‎[Staff]‎


·         The Ski and Snowboard team had a great showing at the Halton Championship yesterday.  Our school girls team made up of Annika Hambleton, Hailey Jeffries, Morgan Farley, Daniella Visic and Ysabel Yang took home 1st place, while Annika was the 1st place individual racer overall.  Great job girls!  The skiers had a dominant performance across all categories.  In the high school boys division, Randolph Zhang was the 3rd place overall individual racer.  Individual results for the high school girls division, Sophie MacCallum was 3rd overall and Ellie Garry- Jones was 2nd.  On the team side, the high school girls finished in 1st place,  Open girls finished in 2nd place and our high school boys also took home silver.


·         The Leadership class will be hosting a Chill- Out room to relax and study today during periods 3 & 4 in room 189 B.


·         The Junior boys basketball team defeated White Oaks 48 – 39.  Outstanding shooting by Robbie Kostyniuk and solid play by Chris Uvakov helped the Devils win.  After the exam break the boys have one league game and then head to Playoffs.


·         During periods 3 & 4 on Monday you can participate in a fun coin toss for a chance to win candy or the grand prize, a rainbow-coloured metal straw that is not only cool looking but also environmentally friendly.  In addition we will also have a giant jar of candy which you can win if  you can guess the correct number.  So don’t forget to bring your change next Monday.