Monday January 20, 2020

posted Jan 20, 2020, 6:10 AM by Yvonne Holbrook ‎[Staff]‎

·         Attention all male rugby players:  any boys interested in playing Junior or Senior rugby this year,  there will be a brief meeting after school in the fitness center on Tuesday at 3:00 pm.  That is all boys in grades 9 – 12.


·         Stressed out for exams?  Come on down to the atrium today periods  3 & 4 to make your own stress ball for free.  Can’t wait to see you there.


Hopefully you all remembered to bring some coins because today is the OT Candy Carnival hosted by the Leadership class.  Come down periods 3 & 4 for a chance to win candy and a rainbow colored stainless steel straw,  just by tossing a coin.  In our Candy Raffle guess the number of candies in a giant jar to win it all.  It’s going to be a sweet day