Thursday November 24, 2016

posted Nov 24, 2016, 7:18 AM by Oakville Trafalgar   [ updated Nov 24, 2016, 7:18 AM by Andrew Bigham ‎[Staff]‎ ]


·         Attention all grade 11’s and 12’s:  Senior formal tickets are selling fast and less than 100 tickets are left.  Buy them on cashless soon before they are all gone.


·         Today is the Day, rainy, cold…you need a hot beverage-  Where is the best place to listen to great music from teachers and students , enjoy a coffee or tea?  Stop by the atrium tonight after school for our annual Coffee House…fun and free!


·         Did  you know that out of all the cancer cases in Canadian men prostate cancer accounts for 21 % of the diagnoses.  You can lower your chances of developing prostate cancer by having a low-fat diet with lots of fruits and vegetables.  You should also encourage the older male figures in your life to get a prostate exam, as early detection of prostate cancer reduces mortality by 13-20%.