Tuesday April 3, 2018

posted Apr 3, 2018, 6:37 AM by Yvonne Holbrook ‎[Staff]‎


·         The junior boys soccer team list will be posted outside the business office ( across from lab 239) today after school.  Thank you to all who tried out, it was a very difficult decision.


·         There will be no Track & Field practice today.  See you Thursday with all your forms signed.


·         If you have signed up for co-op next year and are interested in applying to a Hospital for your placement, including Sick Kids, St Mike’s, Mount Sinai or Oakville Memorial Hospital there will be a mandatory meeting at the start of 3rd or 4th in room 136, the co-op room on Thursday April 5th.  Program details, requirements, application packages and deadlines will be discussed.  If you have an interest in a hospital co-op please make sure you attend.


·         Next week April 9th to 13th during periods 3 & 4 in the atrium and cafeteria  will be the Oakville Trafalgar Carnival.  What will happen at the Carnival?  Better to ask what won’t happen; Delicious popcorn and ice cream sandwiches, adorable dogs in our puppy petting zoo, daredevil students eating bizarre foods and spicy, spicy peppers.  Games, music and fabulous prizes all week long. All proceeds support Halton Food for Thought.