Wednesday April 4, 2018

posted Apr 4, 2018, 6:35 AM by Yvonne Holbrook ‎[Staff]‎

·         OT’s gender and sexuality alliance will be meeting today in periods 3 & 4 in room 208.  Come by and pick up a “ Love, Simon” locker poster.  OT’s GSA – all are welcome!


·         A reminder to Sr Reach students attending the Haltons;  you are expected to meet in the library tomorrow by 8:45 to arrange transportation.


·         Students interested in taking courses in summer school are now able to register.  Summer school applications are being emailed home to parents or guardians today and will also be available for pick up outside of the guidance office.  If you are considering summer school you should register early to secure your spot by dropping off  your completed and signed registration form to the guidance office.


·         This past weekend our junior boys hockey team participated in the Burlington Cup Hockey tournament.  The boys came out fast with two wins over Bateman and Central but lost their third game to Notre Dame. 


·         If you have signed up for co-op next year and are interested in applying to a Hospital for  your placement, including Sick Kids, St Mike’s, Mount Sinai or Oakville Memorial Hospital there will be a mandatory meeting at the start of 3rd and 4th in room 136, the co-op room tomorrow.  Program details, requirements, application packages and deadlines will be discussed.  If you have an interest in a hospital co-op please make sure  you attend.


·         You are all invited to the Oakville Trafalgar Carnival;  April 9th to 13th, that’s all next week, during periods 3 & 4 in the atrium and cafeteria.  There will be delicious popcorn and ice cream sandwiches sold on Monday.  Adorable dogs and exciting Bingo on Wednesday, death-defying students who will challenge their minds and their stomachs by eating spicy peppers on Thursday and Mariokart and Ping Pong tournaments on Friday.  Bring your money because all proceeds support Halton Food for Thought.