Computer Science

Computer studies at OTHS offers a variety of courses to help students develop a deeper understanding of the world of computer science and computer programming, and to help focus their interests in this area.

The Grade 10 open course will appeal to any student interested in exploring how computers are used to solve problems. The course provides students with the opportunity to develop the logical thinking processes used in designing computer solutions to problems
and to acquire basic computer programming skills that will enable them to create a working computer program. 

University preparation courses provide students with a foundation in the broad spectrum of computer science concepts and applications. In these courses, students explore the theoretical underpinnings of computer science; design software, working independently and as part of a team and using industry-standard programming tools; and investigate various computer science–related topics, such as cryptography and artificial intelligence.

The computer studies program is designed to enable students to select courses that relate to their interests and that will prepare them for further study or work in the field of their choosing. Whether students eventually work in the computer field or simply use computers, the computer studies program will provide them with a foundation for making informed decisions about their future plans.

Enrichment activities

The Canadian Computing Competition is held in February each year through the University of Waterloo. All students interested in this reach-ahead opportunity are encouraged to participate!

Course Descriptions