Oakville Trafalgar High School supports and encourages a large number of clubs reflecting a diverse range of interests. Many of the clubs are active and supported in the community. 
Club nameWeb PageTeacher ContactStudent Contact
Animal Rights Club Animal Rights Club   
Anime Club  Ms Cho  
Art Club  Ms Zanini  
Athletic Council  Ms. Scott / Ms. Cameron/ Griffiths  
Audio Visual Club  Mr. Fotheringham  
Board Game Club  Mr. Murphy  
Book Club  Mrs Eatough  
Chamber Choir  Ms Socha  
Chamber Ensemble  Mr Clarke/ Mr Comerford  
Chess Club  Ms Durand  
Chinese Calligraphy Club  Ms Houslander  
Concert Band  Ms Socha  
Concert Choir  Ms Socha  
Debate Club Facebook Page   
DECA OTHS DECA Website Ms. Plata/ McAuley  
Design Club  Ms Cummings  
Devil's Eye  Mme Durand / Mr Murphy  
Duke of Edinburgh's Award Club  Mr. Pope / Ms. Collett  
Dungeons and Dragons Club  Mr Wood  
Entrepreneurship Club  Ms McNichol  
Environmental Club  Ms Proctor  
EveryChildNow Facebook Page Mrs. Bhatnagar  
Extra Step  Ms. Pickard  
Free the Children  Ms. Richardson  
G.S.A. (Gender and Sexuality Alliance)  Mr. Vidal  
HOSA  Mrs Bhatnagar  
Ignite Christian Club  Mr D'Alesio /  
Improv Team  Ms. Muzzatti  
Interact Club  Ms. Collett  
Investment Club  Mr. Pearson  
Jazz Ensemble- Junior  Mr. Malloch / Socha  
Jazz Ensemble- Senior  Mr Clarke  
LINK Crew  Ms. Zanini / Ms. Muzatti // Mr. Murphy / Mr. Perera/ Fotheringham  
Math Club  Ms. Preiner  
Music Council  Mr. Clarke  
Neurology Club   Ms Cho  
Physics Club/ Workgroup  Mr Berrigan  
Reach Team-intermediate  Ms Finan/ Ms Durand  
Reach Team - senior  Ms Bettio / Ms Gaspar  
Red Devil’s Council  Ms. Collett / Spyropoulos/ Powell/ Mr Schaffler  
Relay for LIfe  Ms Hanley / Piroski  
Robotics FRC 1334  / Palmer / Woods  
Robotics FRC 1374   Palmer / Woods  
Rugby Club  Mr Perera/ Wood/ Schaffler  
Run Club  Ms Bettio / Black/ Durand/ Gaspar  
Saxophone Quintet  Mr Clarke/ Mr Comerford  
School Newspaper  Mr Wood  
Soldier On  Ms Cho  
SOS (Students Offering Support - promoting positive mental health)  Ms. Raleigh  
Ultimate Frisbee  Mr Fotheringham / Mr Murphy  
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