Principal - Meena Sahi

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VP - Andrew Bigham

(Surname L-Z)

Extension 325



VP - Andrea Dailey

(Surname A-K)

Extension 324


Cristina Salmini
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NameDepartmentEmailVoice MailOnline Resource
NameDepartmentEmailVoice MailOnline Resource
ALLARDYCE, Charles (ON LEAVE) French allardycec@hdsb.ca 461  
APOSTOLOPOULOS, Helene (ON LEAVE) Family Studies   Website 
BARSAUSKAS, Daiva French  barsauskasd@hdsb.ca 501 Google Classroom 
BERRIGAN, John Science  berriganj@hdsb.ca 502 Website 
BETTIO, Celina Math bettioc@hdsb.ca 409 Google Classroom 
BHATNAGAR, Susan Science (Dept Head) bhatnagars@hdsb.ca 440 Website 
BLACK, Jordan Math blackjo@hdsb.ca 480 Website 
BLAIN, Caitlin Art blainc@hdsb.ca 479  
BROWN, Kaili (ON LEAVE) Art  brownk@hdsb.ca 429 Website 
CAMERON, Laura English (Dept. Head of English and Modern Languages) cameronla@hdsb.ca  500 Website 
CARROLL, Kathleen Social Sciences (Dept. Head of Social Sciences and Family Studies) carrollk@hdsb.ca 402 Website 
CHO, Minna Moderns chom@hdsb.ca 428 website 
CLARKE, Curtis Music clarkecu@hdsb.ca 424 Website 
COLLETT, Mary Librarian collettm@hdsb.ca  101 Website 
COMERFORD, Liam Music/English comerfordl@hdsb.ca 442  
CORKOVIC, Dejan Business corkovicd@hdsb.ca 453 Google Classroom 
CULLEN, Jacqueline (ON LEAVE) Science, Math cullenj@hdsb.ca 535  
CUMMINGS, Bonnie Family Studies  cummingsb@hdsb.ca 553 Website 
D'ALESIO, Guy Technology (Dept. Head of Arts, Music and Technology) dalesiog@hdsb.ca 474 Website 
DURAND, Allison French, Science duranda@hdsb.ca 425 Website 
FARQUHARSON, Betty  Business (Dept. Head) farquharsonb@hdsb.ca 561 Google Classroom 
FINAN, Aisling Mathematics finana@hdsb.ca 441 Website 
FOTHERINGHAM, Steve Science  fotheringhas@hdsb.ca 539 Website 
GASPAR, Anne Math gaspara@hdsb.ca 469 Website 
GRIFFITHS, Cindy Physical Education griffithsc@hdsb.ca  407 Website 
GROEN, Jim Social Science groenj@hdsb.ca 405 Moodle 
GRUBER, Jeff Phys Ed, Athletics (Dept Head) gruberj@hdsb.ca 146 Website 
HANLEY, Jennifer English hanleyj@hdsb.ca 422 Schoology 
HARTFORD, Jennifer English hartfordj@hdsb.ca 457 Google Classroom 
HENDRY, Matthew Special Education hendrym@hdsb.ca 446 Google Classroom 
HOLBECHE, Adrienne Art holbechea@hdsb.ca 438 Website 
HOUSLANDER, Jennifer English houslanderj@hdsb.ca 454 Google Classroom 
JACKSON, Anne Educational Assistant jacksona@hdsb.ca 337 Special Education 
JOHNSON, Stephen Social Sciences, French johnsons@hdsb.cs 475 Google Classroom 
KOZLOWSKI, Anna French kozlowskia@hdsb.ca 508 Website 
LAMENTA, Mike Technology lamentam@hdsb.ca 470  
LANDRY, David French landryd@hdsb.ca 462 Google Classroom 
LaPALME, Kathleen Science lapalmek@hdsb.ca 455 website 
LAVERY, Louise French laveryl@hdsb.ca 509 Website 
LIOU, Michelle Science lioum@hdsb.ca 427 Website 
MAHESHWARI, Sheila (ON LEAVE) Science maheshwaris@hdsb.ca 415 Website 
MALLOCH, Wendy Special Education (Dept Head) mallochw@hdsb.ca 338 Website 
McAULEY, Mairi Business mcauleym@hdsb.ca 430 Google Classroom 
MCCREA, Kristen English mccreak@hdsb.ca 464 Google Classroom 
McNICHOL, Ann Business mcnichola@hdsb.ca 417 Website 
MILES, Susan Student Success miless@hdsb.ca 128 Website 
MURPHY, Cliff Science murphyc@hdsb.ca 530 Website 
MUZZATTI, Melisa Art, Drama muzzattim@hdsb.ca 437 Website 
NAGRIBIANKO, Nick Geography nagribiankon@hdsb.ca 447 Website 
O'HARA, Stacie Guidance oharas@hdsb.ca 333 Website 
OLEJARCZYK, Olena Math, French olejarczyko@hdsb.ca 478 Google Classroom 
PALMER, Andrew Technology palmera@hdsb.ca 297 Website 
PEARSON, David Business pearsonda@hdsb.ca 568 Website 
PERERA, Ryan Math pererar@hdsb.ca  531  Website 
PICKARD, Barbara Guidance pickardba@hdsb.ca  335 Website 
PIROSKI, Sarah English, ESL piroskis@hdsb.ca 413 Website 
PLATA, Leanne Business platal@hdsb.ca 458 website 
PLUMMER, Tricia  Science plummert@hdsb.ca 532 Website 
POPE, Kyle Guidance (Dept Head) popesk@hdsb.ca  332 Website 
POWELL, Sarah Art powells@hdsb.ca 472 Google Classroom 
PREINER, Monica Mathematics (Dept Head) preinerm@hdsb.ca 523 Website 
PRESTON, Matthew Business, Special Education prestonma@hdsb.ca 443 Website 
PROCTOR, Allison Science proctora@hdsb.ca 534 Google Classroom 
PUHACH, Larissa Family Studies puhachl@hdsb.ca 465 Google Classroom 
RAJCAK, Rebecca English rajcakr@hdsb.ca  439 Google Classroom 
RICHARDSON, Melissa English richardsonm@hdsb.ca  420 Website 
SARGANT, Rob Social Science, Business sargantr@hdsb.ca 403  Moodle page 
SCHAFFLER, Dave Social Science, Business schafflerd@hdsb.ca 404 Google Classroom 
SCHLEIFER, Kim (ON LEAVE) Technology   Website 
SCHONBORN, Julia Educational Assistant schonbornj@hdsb.ca 337 Special Education 
SCOTT, Jennifer Physical Education scottj@hdsb.ca 412 Website 
SHAW, Robert Science shawr@hdsb.ca 459  
SINGH, Devan Math singhd@hdsb.ca 408 Website 
SOCHA, Victoria Music sochav@hdsb.ca 450 Website 
SPYROPOULOS, Melina Co-op, Business spyropoulosm@hdsb.ca 136 Website 
ST. DENIS, Geoff Physical Education stdenisg@hdsb.ca 466 Google Classroom 
THIARA, Gagan Math thiarag@hdsb.ca 467 Google Classroom 
TOMLINSON, Brett Social Science tomlinsonb@hdsb.ca 406 Website 
TUMMON, Heather Math tummonh@hdsb.ca 449 Website 
ULLAH, Shahid Math ullahs@hdsb.ca 468 Website 
VALLEY, Dan (On Leave) Physical Education valleyd@hdsb.ca 452 Website 
VANKOVA, Jarka Math vankovaj@hdsb.ca 567 Website 
VIDAL, Oliver French, Business vidalo@hdsb.ca  514 Website 
WADE, Susan Educational Assistant wades@hdsb.ca 337 Special Education 
WALLER, Candice French wallerc@hdsb.ca  503 Website 
WILFORD, Dave Business wilfordd@hdsb.ca 410 Website 
WOOD, James English woodja@hdsb.ca 426 Website 
WOODS, Chuck Technology woodsc@hdsb.ca 471 Website 
WRIGHT, Heddy English wrighth@hdsb.ca 434 Website 
ZANINI, Stefania Art zaninis@hdsb.ca 476  Website 
ZAWADA, Peter Math zawadap@hdsb.ca 445 Website 
ZINGANO, Lameck Social Science zinganol@hdsb.ca 414  
Showing 92 items