School Council Projects

In lieu of a major fundraising event, OTHS School Council requests a $30 donation per child at the beginning of the school year.  

2012 Projects Funded by School Council

Since 2005 OTHS School Council has helped raise approximately $152,000.  $133,000 was raised through events and $19,000 through registration contributions.

The majority of the funds raised helped to  purchase the following items:

•  Smart Technology/Laptops/Computers 
•  Theatre Lighting Upgrade 
•  Electronic Scoreboard        
•  Theatre Sound Upgrade

The balance of funds were applied towards:

•  Student Awards       
•  Robotics Club
•  Athletic Team Support      
•  Club Support 
•  Departmental Equipment support   
•  Library Equipment Support 
•  Classroom Equipment      
•  Classroom Projects
•  Cafeteria Audio/Visual Information Centre  
•  Microwave for cafeteria
•  Studio Theatre support (chairs)   
•  Career Fair