OT Talks

Welcome to the 2013-14 school year OT!
OT Talk is a student founded and student run organization that aims to keep students informed as to what’s going on at OT. Expanding this year, OT Talk now has a page for all graduating years that will be updated to include everything from volunteer opportunities to explanations of school events. Make sure to Like the pages to receive updates from OT Talk throughout the year.
OT Talk is looking for two students in grades nine, ten and eleven respectively to work with the grade twelve chairs this year. All applications are due Friday September 23rd for interested student leaders. Applications should be emailed and include your grade and a paragraph about why you are interested in the position. To contact OT Talk please send us a message or email us at OTHStalk@gmail.com.

Let’s make this year a great one,
Harrison Pope
OT Talk Chair