Extra Step

OTHS has many students who excel at activities outside of school. Oakville Trafalgar High School supports elite athletes and performance artists that are training, competing and performing at the provincial level and above. The typical extra-step student spends 20 hours or more per week training, practising or competing. In order to assist these students the extra-step counsellor will work with the student and his or her parent(s) to ensure that their timetables support their extracurricular activity as much as possible.

Absences and periods of intensive training, competitions, or performances are accommodated primarily with flexibility in deadlines for tests and assignments as well as academic assistance. Arrangements are usually made between the individual teachers and the student, but the extra-step counsellor will support the students where needed.

Teachers at OTHS. are very supportive of extra-step students, but it does require that the students take responsibility for their own success at school. This means that extra-step students must be proactive with respect to informing their teachers about upcoming absences and work out with them arrangements for the completion of any work that will be missed. Students should make sure that they clearly understand the teacher’s expectations and complete all work assigned during an absence by the date established.

For further information contact Ms. Pickard in the Guidance office.