Secondary Gifted Program (SGP)

Gifted-clustered (or SGP) classes are offered at OTHS for students with a formal identification of Intellectual Giftedness through HDSB. When space permits, there may be a limited number of spots for Highly Able students. SGP classes follow the same curriculum expectations as Grade 9 De-streamed or Academic/Univer. (Grade 10-12) classes and are evaluated the same way. They differ from De-streamed or Academic/Univer. classes in the depth and breadth of the subject covered as well as in the pacing.

SGP Classes at OTHS are guaranteed for students with a formal identification of Gifted who opt into the program prior to classes being formed in the Spring. SGP classes are offered for the following courses:

Grade 9: Math, Science, English and Geography

Grade 10: Math, Science, English and History

Grade 11: Math and English

Grade 12: English

Grade 9 Gifted students are strongly encouraged to opt in to all 4 of the SGP classes. Only gifted students with a formal identification of Gifted should select Gifted classes (6th digit ‘5’) during the course selection process.

Highly Able Students

Additional spots in the SGP classes may be allocated to highly able students on a space-available basis. Student placement in the SGP classes is highly competitive and academic standing will be the determining factor following a process of teacher recommendation. A teacher nomination or recommendation does not guarantee entry into a SGP class or classes.

Students Coming From Non Feeder Schools

Students from non feeder schools (Private schools and Catholic Schools) and students moving into the area can be considered for SGP programming as highly able students upon request from parents as long as the student is registered for OTHS prior to the SGP classes being populated in the spring. A letter of recommendation from a teacher is required for each subject that you want to be considered for.

Students will know whether they are admitted to the SGP program prior to the end of the current school year.

Highly able students that are admitted to a SGP class are required to maintain a high level of achievement. Placement in the SGP classes as a highly able student one year does not guarantee placement in these classes in subsequent years. Achievement and teacher recommendations will be reviewed each year.

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