Secondary Gifted Program (SGP)

Secondary Gifted Cluster (or SGC) classes are offered at OTHS for students with a formal identification of Intellectual Giftedness through HDSB. Students will be scheduled with diverse learners in particular courses at the secondary school level. Clusters are in destreamed courses as well as Grade 11 and 12 courses (as timetables permit).  The Ontario curriculum in each of the clusters will be differentiated in breadth, depth and pace from the curriculum being offered in the regular class.  Gifted Cluster students follow the same expectations of the Ontario curriculum as all students and are assessed and evaluated in the same way as their classmates.

Secondary Gifted Clusters are offered for the following courses:

Grade   9:      Math, Science, English and Geography

Grade 10:      Math, Science, English and History

Grade 11 and 12 students are clustered in the same courses as timetables permit.  Note:  this is often very limited due to the range of pathways.

Grade 9 Gifted students are strongly encouraged to opt in to all 4 of the SGC classes.  Only gifted students with a formal identification of Gifted should select Gifted classes (6th digit ‘5’) during the course selection process.

Further Inquiries:

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Head of Learning Resources

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